When Yahya Jammeh knew there was no way he could have stolen President Adama Barrow’s mandate, he started hatching his evil plots, aimed principally at eliminating Adama Barrowโ€™s coalition leadership. ย This will prove his blind supporters’ belief that “the Gambia without Yahya Jammeh is doomed.” Yahya Jammeh was not prepared for life after presidency, knowing fully the amount of doom that awaited him. Filled with anger, confusion and hatred for not being ejected from office without accomplishing his sinister plans, the former Gambian President decided “to fill air conditioners at State House with deadly powdered poisonous chemical he had bought in Iran.”

The expose comes barely three days after Jammeh was forced to relinguish power. In a message possessed by Kairo News, an anonymous Jammeh close staff revealed that the former leader has filled air conditioners in offices and bedrooms at State House in Banjul.

All Yahya Jammeh wants is to trick the world to believe that he (Jammeh) is endowed with mystical power capable of eliminating the “coalition opposition leaders who cheated me at the polls.” The secret trap to get coalition leaders, including President Adama Barrow inhale or breathe the poisonous chemical once they assume office, is among the many revelations Gambians are expecting to hear in a post-Jammeh era.

The advice for the new government is to conduct a thorough inspection at State House and replace furniture, including air conditioners. Whoever thinks Jammeh will leave State House in tact must be joking. Gambians will for a long time live with evil Yahya Jammeh’s threats. They will now understand why President Barrow is yet to set foot at State House.



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