Jungulars too are abandoning Jammeh!

President Yahya Jammeh has bragged about defending “this country against any aggression” is clearly having his own problem to battle at home. Mr. Jammeh lost the election on December 1st but refuses to hand over power to President-elect Adama Barrow, hoping the army will throw its weight behind him. But a split within the army is not helping the Gambia’s mandate thief. The Gambian army is in total disarray as majority of the highly trained soldiers vow not to fight for the man who is determined to do whatever it takes to stay in power illegally. And to add salt to injury, Jammeh’s most trusted loyalists soldiers have started turning against him. Some of them have abandoned at a time he needs them the most. Already, two prominent members of Mr. Jammeh’s killer machine squad (the Jungulars) – WO1 Michael Jatta and WO2 Sang Michael Correa – have gone Awol (military parlance meaning absence without leave). The men accused of committing gross violations, including tortures, disappearances and murders have reportedly traveled to the United States few days ago. With diplomatic passport in their disposal the duo travels to the United States without restrictions. Other Jungulars have regretted committing atrocities to grease Jammeh’s ego. One of the Jungulars Pa Sanneh has reportedly been crying, asking why he had joined Jammeh’s killer squad. During his heydays, the Kartong native was accused of threatening to kill whoever he had brouhaha with. The 10 million dollar question that must be asked is, when will Isolated Yahya Jammeh surrender power?



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