PhotoGrid_1420057796577Gambian President Yahya Jammeh is reported to have sent a plane to Guinea-Bissau for the extradition of the alleged Tuesday’s coup plotters, credible sources informed Kairo News.

The coup plotters, whose identities remain anonymous, fled to Guinea-Bissau following a reported shootout at State House in Banjul. Some of the alleged coupists, including the leader, Lt. Col. Lamin Sanneh and Njaga Jagne, were killed in the early Tuesday attack.

Kairo News is trying hard to ascertain whether the captured men have been ferried to the airport by the Bissau government.  Since Guinea-Baissau is not bordered by the Gambia, it is therefore illegal for the country to extradite any Gambians, our source said.

Our source blamed some media outlets for putting the escaped coupists to danger by exposing their location, thus giving the Gambia government to make coordination with the Bissau authorities for the capture and extradition of the coupists.

Diplomatic efforts are under way to prevent the escapees from being extradited to the Gambia where they will be denied the due process and summarily executed.


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