jammehKairo News sources at the Banjul International Airport have just reported the arrival of Gambian President Yahya Jammeh in Banjul.

“President Jammeh has just landed at the Banjul International Airport,” our source said. “He has just boarded a vehicle to State House.”

President Jammeh, who was abroad while a group of former soldiers led by one Col. Lamin S. Sanneh attempted to overthrow his government, is reported to have boarded a disguised motorcade. “President Jammeh dressed in a casual dress instead of his usual white outfit; he was dressed like any normal person which makes, perhaps to fake the situation,” our source said.

Mr. Jammeh was in a hurry to leave the airport, and has therefore left without the usual guard of honour ceremony at the airport, our sources alleged. He was immediately escorted to State House in Banjul, diverting his normal route.

It was not clear whether President Jammeh flew from Chad. Hours before he landed in Banjul, President Jammeh told the BBC that he was still in charge of the country. He described the coup leader who lost his life along with two others as a “disgraced” former military commander who invaded the Gambia from the neighbouring Senegal.



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