img-20161120-wa0140President Yahya Jammeh seems to be preparing his escape. Gambian leader who is seeking a fifth term in office has hired at least 63 foreign security officers. These security officers hail from Chad, Nigeria and South Africa. They have arrived in the country few weeks before Gambians elect a president on December 1st. Gambians have not been told about the presence of foreign security operatives deployed at State House and Banjul International Airport. Some of these operatives have been on upcountry campaign tour with Mr. Jammeh. These men have been using police patrol cars.

Our source said the presence of these foreign security operatives in the country must not raise any alarm. “Jammeh has smelled his downfall that is why he is putting in place a contingency plan. He has done everything, including using scarce tactics yet change-loving Gambians show him they want their country back. Do you expect an insecure leader like Jammeh to sit and fold hands? No. Here is a leader who plans and acts in advance,” our source said.

“Mr. Jammeh is as vulnerable as a pussy cat; he is just pretending to be strong but that is far from the reality. That is a typical behaviour of dictators who remain defiant even when their leadership starts cracking,” said our source.

Jammeh’s hired foreign security operatives only communicate in English with police and military officers they work with. “They are black in complexion and are too close to Jammeh whose confidence in Gambian security officers is fading. He only trusts female security officers. They are seen at the back of presidential pick-up cars.”



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