Bensouda/newton arbitration

The Janneh Inquiry Commission is an independent body with clearly defined remits beyond which they have no power.

Secondly, neither [Alhaji] Kurang nor [Amie] Bensouda has any power or authority to decide anything for the Commission. Both are there merely to assist the Commission and are answerable to the Commissioners. By-passing the Commissioners on any issue is considered indiscipline and should be punished accordingly.

If Kurang cannot direct his grievances to the Chairman of the Commission or any other Commissioner, then he is not of assistance to the Commission, and that makes his position untenable. In addition of his complaint lacking basis, some of the issues might not even be within the remits of the Commission.

Since Kurang is more interested in pursuing a personal vendetta against Bensouda than the smooth running of the Commission’s affairs, it is right that he is sacked so that he can have all the time to do what he wants to do against Bensouda without affecting the workings of the Commission.

Kurang is still at liberty to pursue his agenda against Bensouda and prove this case using appropriate avenues.

Meanwhile, the Commissioners and the Attorney-General are duty bound to protect the good workings of the commission, and sacking Kurang is simply a good riddance in that respect.

Good lesson for him. Indiscipline doesn’t pay.

Lafia Touray la Manju



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