Contrary to Hon. Halifa Sallah’s claim, there are losers and winners in any election or competition. Halifa Sallah will never accept that simple fact. As a party leader he emerges a loser in yet another election but he remains in denial. What Halifa Sallah should have done is to graciously give away his chair (step down) and give the baton to a vibrant and dynamic PDOIS member. Don’t make me believe that there is a shortage of vibrant and potential leaders in the whole of PDOIS political toolbox hence Halifa is the eternal leader. Halifa should be bold enough to take sole responsibility for the catastrophic result of the recently concluded local government elections. PDOIS’ failure to secure a clear win in Serekunda Central, a constituency Mr. Sallah represents in Parliament, justifies his leadership failure. What does that tell you? Halifa would have lost his parliamentary seat a year ago had UDP fielded in a candidate in the constituency. But stepping aside is the last thing a leader who refuses to acknowledge winners and losers will do. There is no one who dares question Halifa Sallah’s authority. A forty-year-old party and a seasoned politician in Gambian politics plus all the noises PDOIS talibes have been polluting in the air, Halifa could only clinch 7 seats in the 2018 area council elections. Mama Kandeh, the new kid in the block and his GDC that entered the political arena in less than three years were able to do what PDOIS and Halifa tried and failed in forty years. With all his dishonest, hidden raw cash political agenda Mama Kandeh’s party won 23 seats.
Instead of acknowledging his party’s failure, the resorted to crafting a narrative to escape from criticism and responsibility.

Halifa sees himself as the smartest individual in the entire country and that he alone has answers and explanations to everything. He is demonstrating once again to us by refusing to conceding defeat and congratulating the winners. With Halifa on the helm of affairs within PDOIS, I am afraid we are seeing the beginning of the end of the party with complicated political strategied. Be brave enough and put this into Halifa’s brain and the sooner the better.
For Halifa Sallah’s information, with or without this Area Council elections, Gambians already known it would never be business as usual again in their country. The days of unusual business are gone forever. The Gambian people have taken their destiny into their own hands. The evidence of that lies in the results of the elections.
Halifa should put his PDOIS house in order and stop lecturing us.

Alhagi Touray



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