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Sontou I like the advice you gave to Imam Baba Leigh. He should gnore the ranting and utterances of this opportunist fool. I certainly cannot find the right words to begin to describe Sasudeen Sarr. I have been following his recent utterances of late on freedom radio and his attempts to justify his lame-duck and opportunistic reasons for supporting Yahya Jammeh. I was even embarrassed for him and I thank God that I am in no way related to him otherwise I would have died of shame.

This man is indeed an embarrassment to Gambians. You see the likes of Samsudeen Sarr have an exaggerated sense of their importance and intelligence and even think that Gambians are idiots who will swallow all the garbage they give us. In a funny way, I am most grateful that Yahya Jammeh is able to expose these vermins in our society. Under Jammeh, we have seen the characters at the Islamic Council, the Banjul Muslims elders in the person of Alieu Mboge, our famous Medical Doctor Tamsir Mbow, Ngoju Bah, Fatoumata Jahumpa CleaderrLamin Jobarteh, Momadou Sabally etc etc.

Lafia Touray Manju I have just notice that most of the characters I have just mentioned above are mainly wollofs and not Mandinkas – so I guess you are right the Jammeh enablers are from all the tribes and all walks of life.

Anyway please allow me here to repeat some of the things that Sansudeen Sarr said a while ago about Yahya Jameh on Gambia L using his pen name Ebou Colly. Guys this is the same man telling us today that Yahya Jammeh has a good heart, a good and religious leader, a gallant soldier, a President who is compassionate and loves Gambians etc etc:

Here is Sam Sarr before his conversion to Jammehism:

“Yaya butchered Gambian soldiers and buried them in toilet ditches while their family members still wish they could get the remains of their loved ones and give them decent burials. Yaya killed Koro Ceesay; Almamo Manneh and Corporal Dumbuya; and then ordered the shooting and killing of 14 armless young Gambians; and Yaya is still hell bent to shed more Gambian blood. But it is time to let him know that enough is enough. God is not sleeping.”

And he then went on to say
“…Anyhow what I see in the Gambia today tells me that Yaya’s best bet is to pray for the October general elections to find him there; in that way he could easily find an exit to avoid becoming victim of his own creation. Rigging an election, one way or the other, be it in the form of his latest trick to re-register new voters with a master plan to include the Cassamance rebels/refugees or denying opposition members their registration rights will only make things worst for him. (It is today an open secret in The Gambia that Ablie Kujabi’s (NIA number two man) house in Bakau has been transformed into an office issuing Gambian I.D. cards to Cassamance rebel/refugees. When the Director of immigration Faburay was asked about why Gambian I.D. cards were issued in private homes, he said there was nothing wrong with that.). However Samuel Doe at one time during the Liberian conflict was offered a helicopter passage by the Americans to leave the country when there was still an opportunity for escape, but he defied every offer, blinded by his satanic mind and evil followers. I am today putting it to Yaya to take the helicopter now and leave while there is still time; otherwise, otherwise, otherwise … There will be no running or hiding and most of his terrible followers will perish with him.”

Now talking about the 1994 AFPRC Coup detat

“………….And most likely 1994 would have been worst considering the fact that there were more hardened criminals in the country with all sorts of rebels from Liberia, Sierra Leone to Cassamance. At that broad day light if it was suspected that a coup and not an exercise was in progress, the country would have never recovered from those animals unleashed on her people and resources.

Yet the retarded Yaya is often heard boasting about the skills he applied to ensure that the coup was bloodless. All are bunch of lies.”

On Yahya Jamme’s claims that he was offered an honorary citizen by the USA who also seemingly supported the AFPRC coup detat in 1994- here is what Samsudeen Sarr had to say:

“Yaya the master liar has been trying to sell some craps about the Americans making him a citizen in a bid to deceive the Gambians into thinking that the US supported the coup.

Let me tell you where he manufactured that foolish idea. This is not only about the Gambia, but also as a US training policy for every foreigner attending any military institution in an American state. Upon the student’s arrival in the US and few weeks after registration and orientation, the person is awarded an honorary citizenship to that particular state. That did not necessarily qualify any one as US citizen per se. But it is Yaya we are dealing with. Give him an honorary degree in law and the next thing you know he is claiming to be a barrister, magistrate and high court judge rolled in one; give him an honorary peacekeeping medal and he claims to be a war hero who conquered the unconquerable; so it is no surprise that the honorary citizenship awarded from different states to over a dozen GNA officers including my very self for training in the US means US citizenship too funny”

My Dear Samsudeen Sarr, His Excellency Sheikh, Profesor, Nseerudin, Babilimansa Yahhya Ajj Jammeh is waiting for you in Kanilai. You are most welcome.

Perhaps Dida Halike who seems to know and understand Yahya Jammeh and I believe nurtures some secret admiration for Jammeh can advise you on how to go about your reentry into the Gambia.



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