Dampha and Suntou n Geneva

Gambian Activists Dampha and Suntou in Geneva

Gambian activists and media personalities have worked hard over the past 20 years in exposing all the heinous crimes and human rights abuses committed by the Gambia’s dictatorial regime.

However, to a large extent the collective force of diverse activist haven’t succeeded in focusing international attention on the dictatorial rule under the iron fist hands of a government that feeds and survives on scamming its citizens.

Gambian activists comprise of a pool of highly capable and competent individuals who include former ministers of the first and second Republics, diplomats, academics, technocrats, high profile media personalities and the youth and student union leaders.

Yet, the diaspora activist could not wipe the floor with President Jammeh and his decorated flawed intelligent agents. The opposition on the ground are largely made ineffective due to the strangle hold the regime have on jobs and business opportunities, thus incapacitating the funding mechanisms for them. Without adequate sources, the opposition parties or civil society groups at home cannot function.

It is under this back drop, Yaya Dampha the Coordinator of Human Rights For All (HUMRA) and Amnesty international Gambia contact person, alongside with Mr Suntou Touray executive member of HUMRA and political activist are on a three days advocacy and lobbying meetings in the international diplomatic city of Geneva, from the 3rd to 5th of December 2014.

During the course of the working season, they visited a number of U.N permanent representatives and international organisations, emphasising the need for countries to exert pressure on the Government to timely implement the recommendations given at the just concluded UPR seasons in Geneva.

The duo found it necessary to conduct a follow up meetings with permanent country representatives at the U.N.  Diplomatic efforts have been the major obstacle in our struggle to end dictatorship and human rights abuses in the Gambia.

The activists described their Geneva trip as “successful and fruitful because we were able to build relations between HUMRA and other international organisations,”

Detailed reports of their trip shall follow soon.



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