A very close friend of mine sent me a text message on my mobile phone alerting me to watch GRTS where Momodou Sabally, the one time disgraced Secretary of Presidential Affairs, was on live interview. Without hesitation, my spontaneous reaction was: what is that idiot doing at GRTS? When I tuned into GRTS, I saw Mr. Loudmouth Sabally comfortably sitting with a big smile on his face, pretending the interview is like all ordinary interviews. Sabally does not seem to understand the rationale behind him being granted an interview or perhaps he simply doesn’t care. In his myopic mind he thought that he appeared on TV to impress the Gambian public about himself or to give lectures on his curriculum vitae. Although the ex-Presidential Affairs Minister asked for forgiveness but he had shown no regret or remorse for what the pain he and his former boss Yahya Jammeh had inflicted on the Gambian people. Even Momodou Sabally was a victim of Jammeh’s inhumane brutality, yet he never distanced himself from the brutal regime. He kept on defending and wrapping himself with the classical excuse of “serving my nation” when in actual fact he clearly was interested in bolstering his own image and pursuing his selfish interest.

I personally can forgive Sabally, but I think he owes it to many Gambians to simply tell them “I am very sorry for what I have said against you.” Sabally had many options to decline insulting and castigating his fellow countrymen for Yahya Jammeh for the sake of a man who cares about none but himself. The only crime these fellow citizens committed was to fight for the freedom Sabally is today enjoying.

Sabally has proven to be an arrogant, manipulative and self-obsessed liar. He is no different from his Yahya Jammeh. Both men lack empathy and become insensitive to the plight of ordinary Gambians — an exact character Sabally’s body language revealed throughout the GRTS interview. Sabally missed a very good opportunity to once and for all distance himself from the previous regime and repent publicly. This is what is expected of a decent human being. The people can forgive and look into the future. By giving that mere interview, Sabally in his dream world thinks he can be recycled into the new Gambian government because in his wild mind he is the best.

My recommendation to Sabally is for him to be aware that it is not enough to ask for forgiveness but he needs to muster the courage to apologise to the many people he has hurt. Don’t fool us with the that “I was merely reading a statement” because when you aided and abetted with Jammeh to make life unbearable for Gambian people. Shame on you Momodou Sabally!

Alhagi Touray
Stockholm, Sweden



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