Imam Bakawsu Fofana In Exile
Imam Bakawsu Fofana is forced into exile after he was detained and tortured for preaching the word of God

The Gambia’s fearless exiled Muslim cleric has nothing to regret, Kairo News has learnt. The former Imam of Sanchaba Sulay Jobe mosque had been forced into exile after enduring the state security brutality. Imam Ba-Kawsu Fofana today owns a village in Senegal’s southern province of Casamance. Ba-Kawsu’s newly established village named after his Jarra Sankwia compound is part of Sedio district. Imam Fofana is today inviting Muslims to the inauguration of a new mosque in Sobeya Kunda. 

The news of Ba-Kawsu’s rapid adjustment was broken to Foroyaa newspaper by the preacher’s younger brother. Imam Fofana had been hosted by the Grand Marabout of Taslima village, El-hadj Sedia Diaby since he fled The Gambia. But according to Omar Fofana, the host decided that Imam Fofana needed to own a village to allow him to keep up with the increasing rise in his student population. With support from the Senegalese government, El-hadj Sedia Diaby’s family helped with the creation of Sobeya Kunda.

Senegalese authorities will today hand over the village stamp to Ba-Kawsu, confirming his alkaloship. Fofana will also be ordained as the Imam of Sobeya Kunda.

Imam Fofana is thankful to the people and government of Senegal, particularly El-hadj Sedia Diaby and family.  

Imam Fofana has been reportedly traveling from village to village preaching the word of Allah. Many people in Casamance admire Imam Fofana’s boldness to tell truth to power. He is unlike the Supreme Islam Council leadership that has been cowed by the Jammeh dictatorship.

“Like prophets, heroes are never celebrated at home,” one religious leader told Kairo News, heaping praises on Imam Fofana for upholding the truth throughout. “He has proven to the world that he is ready to die than bend the sanctity of Allah who is now rewarding him.”



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