gambia photoNews just in about a heavy fight between peaceful protesting Gambians and armed security officers at Pipeline. The said fighting comes after the security officers wanted to arrest the entire crowd of people gathered in the area.

Earlier, bloodthirsty security officers fired live ammunition. It was not clear whether anyone had been injured or dead. Peaceful protesters forced their way to Banjul to attend the trial of United Democratic Party leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and others at the High Court. Security officers here used violence on protesters who were chanting songs demanding Solo Sandeng dead or alive. During the fist fight one protester and Police Intervention Unit officer sustained injuries. They were reportedly sent to the hospital.

Today’s protest took a national character. Gambians of all walks of life, including the Christian Community joined the protest. Like any Gambia community, they took have their own bones to pick with Dictator Jammeh. Their major anger and discomfort has to do with Janmeh’s plans to turn the country into an Islamic State. They held banners with inscriptions: Gambians are one big family; no to Islamic state.


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