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By Abdoulie John

An official of The Gambia Prison Service (GPS) has confirmed the escape of prisoners at New Jeshwang Prison, about 7 km away from the capital Banjul.

GPS Spokesman Momodou L. Ceesay told this reporter that the escape happened after prisoners took advantageย of the heavy rain on Thursday night

“That was an escape made by some remanded prisoners.ย  Under the rainy conditions, they were able to outsmart the attention of the security,” Ceesay said, revealing that the escaped prisoners are serving terms on common crimes such as stealing and burglary

Ceesay blamed the escape on improper patrol of prison guards, a loophole the took advantage of and escape through the roof of their cell.

The escaped prisoners are 9 in total: 8 Gambians and one Senegalese. Mr. Ceesay said his department has already informed the Police and other sister agencies about the prisoner escape.

“A man-hunt has since been launched. We are hopeful they will be apprehended and broughtย back to prison,” Ceesay said, seizing the opportunity to assure that any prisoner found wanting with regard to the escape will be dealt with accordingly.


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