Whatever President Adama Barrow does or says will be interpreted differently – positively or negatively. His silence becomes another talking point of its own on the social media. Complaints of his failure to address national issues of concern pollute the air. Born Again Activist warriors point daggers at President Barrow, castigating him for failing his citizens. Should a President dedicate his invaluable time to clear issues of national interest or concern when he has the Information Minister and Director of Press at State House? Not at all! Presidents are so busy with their daily engagements that they barely have time to talk to the media. President Barrow is no exception. How can he rest when he inherited a mess-riddled country? Despite his busy schedule, President Barrow spares time for the media and Gambians in general. He has become the most accessible President in living memory. We doubt if he sleeps at all which can have adverse negative effect on his health. President Barrow is a fast learner who must master the psychic of his difficult-to-satisfy citizens if he wants to accomplish his mission with success. Former Presidents Jawara and Jammeh excelled because they knew how Gambians think. They fed them with big bones (narratives). And by the time citizens finished chewing the bones, these leaders moved fast with their policy agenda. Mr. President, the two leaders lectured you the art of effective citizen engagement. Continue to engage your citizens. Don’t budge, spark off controversy where necessary. Throw your citizens bones of narrative otherwise they will use their tongues to frustrate you, blaming you for being less concerned about even their bedroom matters. Fly high with your citizen engagement agenda because this is the only surviving tactic for a leader whose defenders (information Minister and Press Director) watch like zombies while people heap dirt on him. We expect Demba Jawo to explain the government’s policies to those who raise questions on them. Amie Bojang-Sissoho must not keep silent while insults rain on the President. She can learn a lot from Sarah Huckabee-Sanders (Press Secretary to US President) who vigorously defends cuckoo Donald Trump’s controversial policies. It’s not the President’s duty to defend his government’s policy or image. Gambians will reap the benefits of President Barrow’s success. Let’s therefore help ourselves. That’s the only way forward for a country that has just emerged from one of the worst dictatorship governments in the world.


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