Give the guy a break for Allah’s sake! What is all this smear [campaign all about?] Just to shame and humiliate him! All this without one iota of evidence from Gambia Government. Yet you the same people eating and sleeping on Mai Fatty have ample evidence at the Janneh Commission of Inquiry with your friends and family (Amadou Samba, Ida Uber, Sirah Wally-Ndow, Fatou Mass Jobe, Njogou Bah etc), people who helped Yahya Jammeh to steal and misappropriate millions of tax payer’s money, grants and our national pension funds! Yet none of you is attacking them because you know them or they are relatives of your friends! And you have the AUDACITY to claim independence and righteousness when you are being selective in who you attack and who you don’t.

If President Barrow comes out with an explanation as to what happened, then you can all hang the guy, but until then where is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. I guess that does not apply to Mai because from day one you have hated him anyway.

Lii nit yii yorhun maa ko wakh! You Mandinkas you see how the Wolofs, Fulas etc are protecting their own even with ample evidence at the Commission. You be the fools and disown your people based on malicious rumours. TRIBALISM is real in new #Gambia and no one can convince me otherwise. I see it online with our own so-called activists and journalists. Do you see anyone asking Mamma Kandeh to reveal his source of funds? Do it and get attacked for hating.

Corruption is unacceptable but atleast wait for evidence before publicly judging and condemning.

Mama Linguere Sarr

Culled from Facebook



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