The Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States has become the first diplomat to distance himself from his country’s defeated President. Like many Gambians, Sheikh Omar Faye felt relieved when Gambians go to the polls and voted for an opposition coalition Candidate Adama Barrow. They were more relieved to see the outgoing President Yahya Jammeh conceding defeat and congratulating his opponent. What they struggle to understand is Yahya Jammeh’s December 9th television address, nullifying the election results. Ambassador Omar Faye would not want to be counted among prominent Gambians that connive with a losing dictator to subvert the will of voters. For him, Gambians have spoken and he has heard them. As President-elect Barrow put it on campaign trail, “get on Noah’s ship before storm sweeps you away.” What are other Gambian diplomats waiting for?

Attached below is Faye’s resignation letter.


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