Lt. General Ousman Badgie competes with Jammeh in flip-flopping!

The Gambia’s Chief of Defence Staff has renewed loyalty and allegiance to the country’s defeated President. Lt. General Ousman Badgie’s message – contained in a letter published on the pro-government Daily Observer – comes at a time when the West African nation finds itself caught up in a political impasse. The impasse was borne out of Yahya Jammeh’s televised statement annulling December 1st election, calling for fresh elections to be held. West African leaders have vowed to install President-elect Adama Barrow on January 19th.

Read below Ousman Badgie’s letter in full:

Congratulatory message for the New Year, 2017

As we prepare to enter a New Year, please allow me, Your Excellency, to convey to you, your family and the entire Gambian people, well wishes. On behalf of the service chiefs, officers and other ranks of the entire members of The Gambia Armed Forces and their families and indeed on behalf of my family and on my own behalf, to wish you a joyous season of celebration of the New Year. May I please seize this opportunity to also renew to Your Excellency the assurance of the unflinching loyalty and support of The Gambia Armed Forces to Your Excellency, the Government and People of The Gambia.

In the same vein, please permit me to commend you for your demonstrated personal commitment to The Gambia Armed Forces which is guided by your vision of making The Gambia Armed Forces not only as one of the most developed armies but that which is second to none in the world.

May Allah continue to bless, guide and protect Your Excellency, family, the Government and people of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia at all times.

Ousman Bargie

Lieutenant General

Chief of Defence Staff



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