By Suntou Touray

As politics is a matter of fluid changes and difference of opinion. Some segments of Gambians get entangled with situations that requure dynamic observations and situation analysis. Since we jump in love, it becomes difficult to decipher the different kinds of situations. So is the hotly apportions of blame in the National Assembly electioneering. Before getting all the facts some online radios have already as usual opened up their microphones and started the one-sided bashing of their passive guilty party, not surprising UDP and Lawyer Ousainou Darboe. Before the election agenda became a common currency, the online media created a frenzy of anti-elections, but we remain committed to elections, all through to the convention when some came on board with the election agenda.
The absorption of criticism is what creates the template to have consummate democrats, correcting bogus ‘fake news’ and ‘sympathy votes’ base championing of the down trodden campaigners.
Who is it that gave themselves up as cannon fodder for the Gambia than the party and the people being harangued?
Such is politics, let the youths know, public opinion battle is different from reality and reality always wins at the end of the day.
We will brace ourselves up for many ‘fake news’ and lies in an attempt to sell out dogmatic renegade…we have given our all to the coalition and have enough members in the cabinet. We didn’t shun the cabinet in order to be oppositions stakeholders.
We didn’t feel ourselves too big or too good to associate with like-minded freedom fighters, hell we have over embrace unity and brotherhood to the extent, we are attacked for no justifiable cause and we will expect even more fierce fake news attacks in the days, months and years to come. It is all in the interest of promoting and breeding the new Gambian democratic culture…
The Yahya Jammeh style of one ear, one version of events decision making must cease to be part of the Gambian political debates and existence…even the learned brothers/sisters cannot seem to be holistic…One ear, one version of events should not be part of your long winded analysis only to come face to face with the truth later.
No one can force candidates even from the same party to give up contesting for another. The long history of independent candidates contesting in protest is glorious in the Gambia. To the extent, former Minister Sarjo Touray’s own brother Omar Touray from guess who ‘PDOIS’ stood against him in Sami. From Mbemba Tambedou to AK Touray, Buba Baldeh, Muhammed Magassi, Buba Aye Sanneh in our recent past.
The case for tactical alliance is more feasible since for candidates to resign from their party positions and abandon all contact with their base on political grounds is not practical on large scale.
Even if such is agreed, still disgruntled candidates can field themselves up as ‘Independent’ like it always happens. NAMs election is as local and constituency base as it can get. Let the grassroots choose their candidates and we jointly campaign for them. Be it party candidate or otherwise, the choice is for people to choose their local champion. Period.
Coalition is not a political party, and people are been deliberately mislead on that fact.


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