Mr Bah, fourth from left with Party leader OJ and others

Mr Bah, fourth from left with Party leader OJ and others

By Dodou Jawneh

Mr Gidom Bah, a native of Sintet village who is a Gambian Diaspora activist living in Birmingham and member of the People’s Progressive Party PPP, is being held by UK immigration authorities and under the threat of being deported to The Gambia. The Gambia’s human rights record is appalling where the president, Yaya Jammeh, regularly threatens to slit the throat of human rights defenders as well as gays and lesbians.

Mr Bah has been particularly active in enlightening Gambian activists about the president’s witch-hunting crusade which targeted his native Sintet village.

The PPP is aware that its members in foreign countries are particularly targeted because of their work in exposing Jammeh’s misrule. The PPP, that was illegally overthrown by Jammeh and his military junta in 1994, is concerned that deporting Mr Bah to his native country will put his life in grave danger.



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