History is in the making in the Gambia where the most powerful religious line has been turned into freedom song. La Ilaha Ilalahu [there is no God but Allah] is the cream of Islamic faith. The line, according to religious schokars, weighs more than the entire Universe. It is a line that easily moves faithful Muslims. It is repeated in almost every religious rite. But using the line as a freedom song is quite telling for so many reasons. Gambians, majority of who have Islam buried in their chest, are telling their tyrannical government that nothing on this earth is permanent except Allah’s will. They are technically telling Yahya Jammeh that he better release peaceful opposition protesters because his days are numbered. Activists who spoke to Kairo News described the entrance of La Ilaha Ilalahu as a major victory for those advocating for change or reforms. “Now that clerics have joined the fray it is clear the game has changed against Yahya Janmeh’s favour. Soon the day we are all waiting for will be here,” he said, praising the cleric singing La Ilaha Ilalahu in the embedded video.



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