JammehIt is obvious that the closer we get to December 1st general elections the more Yahya Jammeh will double up his dirty politics that hinges on divide and conquer. Like a drowning man, Jammeh will keep fighting — in darkness and daylight — to maintain the mantle he had first stolen. One of Jammeh’s dirty secrets recently came to light after the release of a detained United Democratic Party supporter. Momodou Alieu Jallow was arrested at his home only to be accused of taking part in the wave of opposition protests. Momodou was detained incommunicado for several days without his family and UDP officials knowing his whereabouts. He was released by the police without any strings attached. Upon regaining his freedom, Jallow was quick to share his experience with the UDP leadership. His account left party officials’ jaw wide opened. Jallow was so disappointed that Jammeh’s surrogate police officers would ask why he didn’t support Hamat Bah (leader of opposition National Reconciliation Party) instead of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe. The police doing Jammeh’s bidding want to coerce Fula supporters of the UDP to throw their weight behind their Fula tribesman instead of a Mandinka. We commend Momodou Alieu Jallow for firmly defending his constitutional right to associate with a party of his choice. Do these surrogate know that Jammeh stands to lose badly if Gambians adhere to his tribal politics? All patriotic Gambians see the country bigger than any single tribe which is why we must stand tall to defeat anything that threatens our unity and social cohesion. Shame on people who feed on politics of hate and division.ย 



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