Even the Senegalese pop-singer friend of the out-going Gambian dictator has appealed to the stray Gambian autocrat to re-think his decision not to concede defeat in the 1st December presidential election. Ouza Diallo called Jammeh’s behaviour “regrettable”. The Senegalese pop star who had spent years in the paradise-like Gambia of the 1970s. He said on Monday 12th December blamed, what he called, ¨The ominous birds and their Western visions of the world for putting oil on the fire.”

In one of his poetically conjured up songs¨fire,¨ Diallo thought “we should not get to where no one gets helped. “With Jammeh’s initial conceding of defeat, the transition was set to be smooth but the outside paints a negative picture,” Ouza told “Amoulnebbo.”

“I appeal to my great friend, President Yahya Jammeh to respect his first decision. He will then go out through the big door and it will honor us who believe in his pan-African ideas,” Ouza Dallo said.

However, advised the President-elect Adama Barrow not to follow the advice of those who want Jammeh to be prosecuted.

“I congratulate Barrow on his victory, and I am appealing to him not to follow the so-called human rights advocates. By initiating national reconciliation, peace could prevail in the sub-region. For knowing well my friend, President Yaya Jammeh, his motto must be: “We are killed, but we are not dishonored.” There I am in phase with him. I prefer to die with arms in hand than to go to the ICC (International Criminal Court) especially at this moment when real Africans are thinking about how to get out of the ICC and the French franc. Then to the people of Gabou, to the Gambian people of my beautiful youth who gave me everything, to my dear friend Yaya, to my brother Adama Barrow, by the grace of the blessed night of Mawlid that has just been celebrated, let us give our hand for a beautiful reconciliation, to safeguard this beautiful peace in our sub-region. Nothing but to frustrate the plans of the eternal enemies of Africa, these negroes of servitude whose only success is to impose unfortunately on us the unhealthy vision of the West, “Ouza argues.

According to a Kairo News correspondent, the musician had a great number of fans in the Gambia before he came to be widely seen as one of Yahya Jammeh’s sycophants like Titi, Thione Seck, Vivian Ndour, Fatou Geuwel, etc, etc. They are all pressed to speak up against Jammeh’s attempt to perpetuate himself in power and embroiling the whole sub-region into civil war.

Not only has the Gambian president-to-be being denied access to state media outlet and other transition facilities, Adama Barrow has even been denied means of securing his own person. It is thanks to the goodwill of patriotic Gambians who volunteer as bodyguards today ensure the protection of Gambian President-elect, Adama Barrow.



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