Is it worth protecting Dictator Jammeh?

        Is it worth protecting Dictator Jammeh?

In their bid to extract chaff from the wind, foreign security investigators had reportedly grilled Benedict Jammeh for hours about the fate of cocaine impounded by The Gambia government. The investigators have been acting on a tip off and surveillance signals that the said drugs, worth a billion dollars, were kept in a secret location for onward distribution to Europe. 

One European government reportedly supplied Gambian authorities with machines to systematically destroy the illicit drugs confiscated in Bonto in Kombo East.

As the former Director General of National Drug Enforcement Agency, foreign investigators believed the truth lies with Benedict Jammeh.  The investigators had secret encounter with Mr. Jammeh for hours in Dakar but he failed to “spill the beans.” A source familiar with the case said “sadly, Ben Jammeh couldn’t supply the European authorities any tangible evidence.”

Several reasons could be responsible for Benedict’s unwillingness to arm foreign investigators with vital information or evidence regarding President Yahya Jammeh’s drug dealings.

Our sources believe despite betraying, firing and humiliating him, Benedict Jammeh would not have the heart to hang his nephew president. “He felt it necessary to protect Jammeh from international arrest warrant,” one source speculated.

There are others who think Benedict behaves exactly like most senior officers who become too obsess with power and privilege accorded to them that they hardly gather any serious evidence. Some even accused Ben Jammeh of being power hungry to the extent that he got irritated when his car was overtaken on the main roads. “You will be surprised to know the number of senior officers sleeping on the job,” said a source, blaming Ben Jammeh for “throwing away his quick chances of resettlement. Ben’s types have been sealing Yahya Jammeh’s dubious deals.”



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