Jarra Association For Cooperation and Development (JOCAD) based in New York, United States of America, regrets to announce the death of the charitable organiation’s Sectary General. The late Bakary M. Darboe was a social being whose frantic efforts led to the establishment of JOCAD.

Mr. Darboe, a native of Pakaliba in Jarra East, Lower Rover Region, met his untimely death yesterday in Bronx, New York. Details of how he died are still being pieced together by police and doctors. Darboe, 46, is a father of six who was reported to have been attacked in an elevator in his Bronx apartment complex.

The Muslim Community in New York described the deceased as “a devout, respectful, honest and kind Muslim who fre a uengly reads the Holy Quran, particularly Suratul Yassin.”

JOCAD extends the sad news to all Gambians at home and abroad. The organisation is making arrangements to send Mr. Darboe’s remains to the Gambia for burial. As such, JOCAD is soliciting financial support from people to cover travel and expenses.

Donations can be channeled through any of the following bank accounts below:

Account Name: JOCADUSA-Jarra Karfoo

Account Number: 615736100ย 

Bank Name: Chase Bankย 

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  Orย 

Account Name: Seedy Drammeh

Account Number: ย 483048533509 ย  ย ย 

Routing Number: 021000322

Bank Name: Bank of America



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