Leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on Saturday held an Emergency Summit on the Gambia’s political impasse in the Nigerian capital Abuja.

In a final communiqué, heads of state warned the West African country’s defeated President Yahya Jammeh to accept the election results otherwise the regional grouping will take “all necessary actions to enforce the results of 1st December 2016 elections.”

“The Authority calls on President Yahya Jammeh to accept the result of the polls and refrain from any action likely to compromise the transition and peaceful transfer of power to the President-elect,” ECOWAS communiqué agreed. The bloc upholds the result of 1st December 2016 election in the Republic of The Gambia.

The bloc wants the outgoing President to “guarantee the Safety and protection of the President-elect Mr. Adama Barrow.”

The ECOWAS Head of States will attend the inauguration of the President-elect Adama Barrow who must be sworn in on 19th January 2017 in conformity with the Gambian constitution.

They however call on both the hovernment and the Coalition Parties to show restraint in order to preserve national unity. “The Authority encourages all stakeholders, within and outside The Gambia, to exercise restraint, respect the rule of law and ensure the peaceful transfer of power. It calls on the Gambian defence and security forces to perform their role in a nationalistic manner and protect lives and property.”

The regional leaders want the will of Gambian voted to be respected at all cost.

The Summit appointed Presidents of Nigerian and Ghand – Muhammadu Buhari and John Dramani Mahama – to help diffuse the Gambia’s political crisis which resulted from Yahya Jammeh’s flip-flopping. The outgoing leader conceded election defeat on December only to change his mind a week later. Jammeh has since been bashed left and right. He has lost support among Gambians from all walks of life. The international community’s condemnation of Yahya Jammeh’s unacceptable behaviour was swift as evidenced in the quick involvement of the ECOWAS, the African Union and the United Nations.



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