Human Rights Journalist Fabakary Ceesay

I think it is disgraceful and sad to see Mr Ceesay acted in a very dangerous and unprofessional manner. The mere fact that he came late and was asked to wait was an indication that the hall was full. Fighting with the security officer who is protecting the President is like signing your own death certificate. This could only happened in The Gambia where citizens can now behave like they are above the law or beyond standard of protocols. Mr Ceesay is indeed a lucky man by all account. If this was in Yahya Jammeh’s era, he would have been dead by now. Mr. Ceesay would have also died if he had acted the same way in the United States. The police officer would have shot him to death and claimed self defense. In any civilized country, the security of the most important person like President is never taken lightly but in the case of the New Gambia, it is disheartening to see people doing or saying everything to destroy the good image of ECOMIG forces. This is demeaning our new democracy.

My advice to Mr Ceesay is very straight forward: never again argue with armed security personnel, let alone exchange punches with him if you want to live longer. Follow the standard of protocol and law at all times, especially when it involves the President who is not an ordinary person. Please understand the fact that freedom comes with responsibility. Do you understand that security officer has every right to deny you access to the hall if there was no space or if you acted rudely? In fact, I think you should have been arrested for obstruction of justice, failure to follow meaningful law and order, public disturbances and putting the security of the President at risk.

Ihope Fabakary will offer an apologise to entire Gambian people and especially to ECOMIG forces who are the true saviours of our democracy and freedom. Without the ECOMIG forces, Dictator Yahya Jammeh would have been sitting in the state house while Mr Ceesay cried in exile where he would follow law and order. This madness needs to stop and it can only cease when people have become responsible citizens who follow not only the law but also standard of protocol.

Food for thought Fabakary: maaku saaku [live well, die well]. You can execute your journalistic duties without signing your death certificate. Please don’t sign your death certificate.




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