Hon. Jatta had squabbles with the Junta!

I think it is better to know what one is saying to avoid telling lies. Immediately I started reading Fabaks piece, I saw two points which are all lies. That is why I don’t even want to read further because there is no point reading something that will make no sense at all.

In the first place, you said in the second paragraph of your article that only the PDOIS stood against the July 22 coup and that none of the heads or public figures of the UDP or any other party went against it. Did you forget that nearly 30 people comprising of mainly PPP supporters were arrested for planning a demonstration against the AFPRC junta. These were PPP members and supporters who have been and are still playing very vital roles in the Gambia’s new political dispensation. They are key players either in the UDP or in any other political party.

Besides, do you forget that you fled to Europe and left the struggle to unseat a brutal dictator in the hands of the very people you are now trashing. The freedom you are celebrating today would not have happened if everyone followed your footsteps. The Gambia would have been a fluke. If everyone fled the country, who will fight the fight? Who will become a candidate that voters will vote for? Voters are the most important element in this struggle. Not any party or person.

You should be honest enough to count the sacrifices being made by the group of people you are belittling. How many of those people are targeted for assassination? How many of them were jailed or tortured to coma? How many of them were rendered poor by the dictator? How many of them spent the whole of the 22 years struggling just to set us free?

I know some of these people publicly appealed for open strike against the junta less than 72 hours after the illegal seizure of power in July 1994. The fact that these people were bereft of their right to speak or be heard doesn’t mean they are not against the coup. The fact that PDOIS leaders had a newspaper you came to the conclusion that Sedia and Halifa were the only people who stood against the junta.

If you have issue with Alieu Manjang and Max, please settle that with them base on genuine arguments. People respect you so you need to return some, if not all, to them. Let us all thank Allah for what He has done for the nation. I rest my case.

Lamin Joof



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