Lawyer Darboe and daughter Naffisatou celebrating their birthdays!

The leader of the Gambia’s main opposition United Democratic Party has said that the past 18 years of his “life have been full of extraordinary challenges.” Ousainou Darboe, a successful lawyer with a household name in the Gambia, turns 66 today. In this write up published below, the lawyer-turned-politician was appreciative of living a very useful life.

As I turn 66 today, I praise and thank God the Almighty for the life he has given me. I am appreciative of enormous parental love, care and attention I enjoyed during my formative years resulting in making me what I am today. I was Baba’s blue eyed boy competing only with my kid brother Ginka of blessed memory.

Of the 66 years of my life, the past 18 years of it have been full of extraordinary challenges. I faced these extraordinary challenges with extraordinary courage because I always had and still have the unwavering support of N’Nanding Mayeh and Aunty Sally.These women are equal to me in every respect. They have mothered for me the most beautiful girls whose love for me is boundless. Coincidentally one of these girls Naffisatou (in the photo with me) celebrates her 21st birthday today. Of course my sons, my brothers and sisters, friends, the UDP senior and youth executive and the general membership of the party have always been the rock I lean on in times of difficulties.

At 66 , I am sure, I can still play a part in shaping the destiny of our country. But you the youths, the young people are the hope of The Gambia.You should not be complacent; don’t abandon your responsibility to your country; take up the mantle of leadership in all spheres of human endeavor. Then you will succeed in ushering in a united and prosperous Gambia. Wherever you maybe and whatever your circumstance maybe proudly hold yourself out as a Gambian. Respect and obey the laws of country you live; stand firm for the cause you believe in and be true to your values. Don’t allow anyone to patronize you; your actions and decisions be dictated by conscience.

The Gambia is part and parcel of the global village, with the rise of social media, and other mass communication tools, always make good use of your time. Events all over the world engage our minds and emotions, always remember to be on the right side of history.

Finally I say “Happy birth day to my daughter Naffisatou” and all those who celebrate their birthday today. Thank you for all the birthday wishes.



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