img-20161108-wa0231Michael Sang Corea, a member of the killer Junglular Squad, has been identified as the leader of a team going around kidnapping children for the purpose of President Yahya Jammeh’s sacrifices. Mr. Jammeh’s idols have signaled the end of his leadership. The man who thinks he is born to rule forever has been told to sacrifice 70 children (10 from each of the 7 administrative regions) to remain on the throne. Even the sacrifices do not guarantee that Jammeh will remain in power.

Most Gambians thought the leakage of the child sacrifices by Jammeh’s marabout would have been food for thought for the President. Gambian parents have been living with fears of their children being kidnapped and disappeared. Dozens of children have been kidnapped in schools, playgrounds and even homes. In some places, Jammeh’s Jungulars led by Michael Sang Corea have forcefully snatched children on the streets. They have however failed in some of their missions after they met stiff resistance.

In the light of this looming terror, Gambian parents have either kept their children at home or escorted them to school. Some communities have closed down schools after news emerged that some children have been kidnapped while teachers looked helplessly.

Ironically, the police remain helpless and clueless. Crying parents who lodged complaint of disappeared or missing children have had their worries, confusion and sadness doubled. The police said they could not help in the searches.



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