As the parties set Friday to announce the agreed mechanism to select a coalition flag bearer, I want to outlay, below, why the opportunity is now to free Gambia from the clutches of barbarity and bring back the country from the brink of sectarian disintegration.[Read More…]

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Townhall Meeting For Gambian Migrants In Milano

Press Release TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN FOR THE GAMBIAN MIGRANTS IN MILANO ITALY: My name is TUKU JALLOW CEO/Founder of the Senegambia Democracy and Governance Organization (SENDGO), Vice Chairwoman and Women Affairs (GCC), Chief Election Judge in the State of Maryland (BOE) and a[Read More…]

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How My Uncle Rescues Me

When I was in primary school, I was always on top of my class and one of my uncles in the Kombos was paying attention and supported. When the common entrance results came out, I was on top of the class and was so excited.[Read More…]

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Nationalism And Not Ethnocentrism Part 2

By Edrissa Ken-Joof In part 1 of this article, I did emphasize the need for us to embrace nationalism instead of the more short-sighted ethnocentrism. I didn’t choose this topic in order not to be forgotten when I die, as said by Benjamin Franklin that:[Read More…]

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Why Jammeh Must Be Sent To Hell

Why Jammeh Must Be Sent To Hell

By Unbiased Prince Mr Ebrima Solo Sendeng (RIP) or Mr Ousainou Darboe & Co are not the first in Yaya Jammeh’s Depredational Maladministration. Therefore, the less reveal of any sustainability in planning for the inevitable on sending the same Yaya Jammeh to the very depth[Read More…]

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Gambia’s Political Tribalism Of Carnage

By Unbiased Prince  Indeed, I left it in Political Tribalism of carnage hence in real relentless of dismaying the citizenries’ Aspirational Mutuality. Terminally falling into a Complete Ruin State of whereby disturbing in details and way at its Trepidation but only merited to such sadistic[Read More…]

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