Vacancy Announcement

Vacancy Announcement

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Why We Oppose Morro Jawla’s Comeback

I, as a native of Sami District, CRR vehemently and wholeheartedly oppose to the idea of Morro Jawla’s comeback as the district chief of Sami. Morro was a big “enabler” of Yahya Jammeh government who (Yahya Jammeh) never appointed him as chief, but by the[Read More…]

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We Don’t Need Intellectual Prostitutes

Andy has made very good points. However, my concern is that we have seen some greedy people in diaspora who are actively making name for themselves since the victory. We have seen people coming from woodwork making frequent calls to radio stations and writing so-called[Read More…]

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Re: President-elect’s Most Important Appointment

Malick, you have raised very important points. I wish to add the following: 1. Recruitment in the diaspora should target Gambians with hands on experience in the fields that they claim expertise in. Not only will the hiring organization benefit from their expertise but the[Read More…]

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GDF Remains Grateful To Donors

GDF Remains Grateful To Donors

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Council Of Elders Thumbs Up Coalition

3rd November, 2016 Council of Elders of The Gambia Welcomes Opposition Coalition Efforts Ahead of December Presidential Elections The Council of Elders of The Gambia wishes to congratulate the election of Hon. Adama Barrow as the Presidential candidate for a united opposition on 30th October 2016. The[Read More…]

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