Gambian Diadpora Online Survey Launched

Press Release After 22 years of dictatorship, The Gambia’s Coalition government which has returned the country to democratic rule is engrossed in finding ways to better harness the potential of its diverse Diaspora and engage them in meaningful national development. The move is part of[Read More…]

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By Ebou Gaye Beware! Many powerful voices have sounded a warning to your commander-in-chief but to no avail He senselessly and shamelessly remains recalcitrant, Turning deaf ears and blind eyes to the reality, Believing erroneously that he can manoeuvre his way out of the awkward[Read More…]

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Yahya Jammeh, A Rebel Criminal

Yahya Jammeh, A Rebel Criminal

Jammeh is a rebel and criminal. He and his tribal militia forces will be defeated by the Gambian people and international community including Senegal which has Supreme interest in this regional crisis. Jammeh is not only a threat to national and subregional security, peace and[Read More…]

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Big Dreams Supports More Gambian Students

Big Dreams Supports More Gambian Students

Big Dreams Incorporated, a charitable organisation founded in Georgia, USA, in 2011, Monday donated over 300 bags, books, pens, pencils, electronic gadgets among other materials to schools in Upper Niumi District, North Bank Region. The donation made to students in Albreda Upper and Senior Secondary[Read More…]

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How Commissioner Bojang Humiliated My Village Elders

It was the darkest day in the history of my Central River Region village of Sami. As soon as he arrived at the village “bantaba”, Major Momodou Bojang disrespectfully raised his foot and placed it on the village bantaba, vowing to deal with any villager[Read More…]

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In measured steps Dawich danced On needles Made of dust And sang his curses Along came the quarry Destiny at his side Dawich lost his voice And coughed a blurt Into the ocean winds -Baba Jallow Ends

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