pixlrWhen the junta in 1994 announced they will rule for four years, it caused such an uproar that they have to blame the English grammar for the confusion. They said they meant For Years but not four years. The “u” was the confusion. They made restatement without duly admitting to succumb to the public. The junta retracted and planned only two years for the transitional government. The AFPRC was replaced with APRC. Like how “u” was omitted in “four” , “F” was omitted in AFPRC to deliver APRC just for jammeh to undress the military cloth to a white garment with a Quran and a sword – Sultan of the Gambia.

A similar development is in the offing by an African intellectual who is instead of promoting democracy, trying to hijack our nation in the name of a coalition and as an independent candidate.

But is she alone in this endeavour? No. We have Abdoulie Wade in Senegal. As an African elite, he mutilated the democracy which he was all the time fighting for. His son became the super minister and tried to change the constitution to let him rule further. Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast went even further by refusing to step down when he lost the election. The former university lecturer ended up plunging his country in a bloody war that claimed over 3,000 lives. All were African elite turned presidents. Can we trust our elites? As we cannot trust our militaries in coups so we should not trust our elites when they talk about democracy and the rule of law.

When we come back to Dr. Isatou Turay, we should put her in the group of Africa’s “other” elites or intellectuals. The manifesto of Dr. Touray is overspread. Someone with such a large ambition cannot hand over power in five years, not even in ten years. Gambians wake up.

As a president, Dr. Touray will end up doing the following:

1) consult the elders to plead to her to stay and finish her projects

2) will end up having a new party with “I” in her acronym

3) like Wade to change her constitution to rule further or

4) may even plunge our land into chaos like Gbagbo.

We have a candidate who said she came to unite the opposition to rally behind her but never said what will happen if they refused to accept her. Will she resign and dissolve her independent candidacy and rally behind another party or carry on to steal more votes from the opposition by increasing Yaya’s margin?

Be careful of African elites. They never end up doing what they preach. The symptoms are already visible in Dr. Touray. Her end might be “obnoxious”.

Happy Eid to you and your families!

Foday Jawla



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