Bolonba with the Lord Mayor of Coventry

By Suntou Bolonba Touray

Brixit has provided lesson for Africans worldwide, especially to those who sit comfortably in the West [America and Europe] assuming they can ignore Africa’s fight for democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Being citizens of the West must not be used as a yardstick for one to turn their back on their country of origin.
Whether Africans like it or not, the world is telling us to make Africa habitable and conducive for progressive politics and existence, implying that right wing ideas will be on the rise in America, Europe and Asia. What if Donald Trump who has championed hatred towards immigrants and minorities, promising to build walls instead of bridges, win the United States presidential election in November? The land of freedom and liberty will cease to be inhabitable for Africans. It will come to a point in which they will prefer to live in Africa than grapple with racial hatred and prejudice.

Africans have no choice but to fight to have decent governments that respect human rights and human dignity.

Britain’s exit from the European Union is a demonstration of Britons’ anger towards immigrants. Their fear revolves around being invaded by immigrants who take their jobs as well as import their culture and religion to Britain.ย So let us not assume otherwise because this is not a vote against David Cameron or Jeremy Corbyn. It is not a vote for Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson either. It is a vote against us outsiders.

Those Gambians who shy away from talking about Gambian politics must wake up. Let them understand that the comfort, human rights and free speech they exercise and fancy in the West are badly needed in the Gambia and Africa at large.

The UK will be fine whether in or out of Europe. The exit is just a circus and entertainment for them. They have institutions that are resilient and strong to weather the storm. Alas! We Africans are now seen as unwanted and outsiders when dictators like Yahya Jammeh make our homes uninhabitable. With mad men and sycophantic bloodsuckers in charge we will continue to be seen as malignant tumour risk for the rest of the world.

The sad message the UK is sending to all patriotic, democracy and peace loving Africans to fix your backyard and leave us alone. How many of us read the Brixit between the line?



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