alagie saidy_editedThe third man accused of conspiring to overthrow the Gambia government was on Wednesday granted bail by a Federal Court Judge in Minnesota.

Alagie Barrow returned to the United States only to be arrested, detained and charged with conspiring to dislodge ‘a friendly nation’ from power. He has since been in Federal custody.

Barrow’s arrest and arraignment followed those of Papa Faal and Cherno Njie. Both men were also accused of conspiring or financing the failed December 30th attack on State House, which resulted to the killing of at least four attackers.

Faal who admitted guilt is also granted bail, although with some restrictions. He is waiting for sentencing. Njie appeared briefly in Baltimore and is expected to be transferred to Minnesota.

Mr. Barrow’s attorney defended his right to bail because he would not return to the Gambia for another attack. “Who is he going back to and for what? All his colleagues have been killed and their families including those of Barrow have been arrested,” Joe Friedberg told the court, arguing that his client is neither a flight risk, nor a threat to his community.

Barrow’s bail is not without some restrictions. For instance, he must not access the internet and stay away from anyone about the failed coup.

The former National Guard is expected to reunite with his family in Tennessee, move freely and secure a job after the probation officer clears him.



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