sallahBy Dr Momodou Sallah

I must go to Barca or Berserk

I must go

I must fly away

From this jail

And look for bail

I drink the Atlantic

And eat the Sahara

I swim with sharks

To escape the economic barks


I must go to Barca or Berserk

Waiting for death

Or confronting death

Are the only paths on this road

I must go to Barca or Berserk

Boltโ€™s 9.58 seconds has nothing on us

Ten of us could sprint into a bowl

Under 5 seconds flat!

Messi can only aspire for our ability to dribble hunger

Everyday is a struggle to outlive the month

Every eye passes judgement

Hopelessness is prescribed 3x a day

Hope is proscribed from daily dreams

Life is a distant reality

I am infested with anger

Possessed by hunger

And puffed up by the nerves syndrome

The coliseum beckons

I must go to Barca or Berserk

I have tried them all

The silent treatment

The mental breakdown

The good grades

The beaches

The distant relatives

But I remain anchored in this port

Drowning with frustration in this court

I must go to Barca or berserk.


I must go to Barca or Berserk

I am but a throw of the dice

Education is a misdemeanour

Politics is a basket of lies

My fatherโ€™s stick shunts me

My relativesโ€™ gossip stunts me

And my motherโ€™s smile gaunt me

The childrenโ€™s eyes haunt me

The daily empty boiling pot taunts me

I must go to Barca or berserk.



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