As Thione Seck Enters The Dock

Since the arrest, detention and subsequent arraignment of a Senegalese music icon of money laundering, suspicions have been raised about President Yahya Jammeh’s involvement in the case. Until his debacle, Thione Seck had been close to the Gambian president. Seck did not only conduct music shows for Mr. Jammeh but also defended singing his praises. The lead vocalist of Raam Daan band faces possible life in prison if found guilty.

Now that Thione’s head is on the verge of sinking people started to connect the dots and asked so many questions, all geared toward establishing the extent of President Jammeh’s connection to the case. Some even speculated whether this was one of Jammeh’s plots to sabotage the Senegalese economy through third parties which would be a direct attack on President Macky Sall, the man he (Jammeh) could not bundle to his liking.

Of serious concern to many people is how President Jammeh will react to the case. Certainly, his government will not hesitate to bury any evidence connecting Jammeh to the case. This means silencing anyone who is privy to his shabby deals with Thione Seck and his allies. This is why the arrest and detention of Dj Lamin Cham of Champion Sounds rings a bell. Mr. Cham’s arrest had prevented him from traveling to Germany to stage manage Titi’s shows. Consequently, Titi had to cancel her tour because the man who signed the contract was nowhere to be seen. Titi finally agreed to travel to Germany after she had signed a fresh contract with the tour organisers.

Many people have since expressed concern about the safety of Dj Lamin Cham. Such a fear is well-founded in a country where people are arrested broad daylight only to disappear while the government embark on a denial mission.

Our call to the Jammeh dictatorship is simple and clear: respect the constitutional rights of Dj Cham by taking him to court if he is accused of a crime or release him immediately without conditions. The regime must be prepared to take full responsibility of whatever happens to Mr. Cham.



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