A security escort of the Gambia’s President-elect remains in detention since his last week’s arrest and detention. Famara Jassey, a former Lieutnant of the Gambia National Army, was on Thursday picked up by military officers while at work at Senegambia Beach Hotel where he serves as the Chief Security Officer. The whereabouts of Kombo Marakisa native have not been known. Jassey was dismissed from the army some years back. He has since been working at Senegambia Beach Hotel. No reasons have been advanced for Jassey’s illegal arrest and detention. However, most people believe he has been targeted for providing voluntary security service for President-elect Adama Barrow during his off duties. He is among many former officers and patriotic citizens who offer voluntary escort and security for Mr. Barrow. Jassey’s colleagues spoke volume about his professionalism and patriotism to serve his country and her people whenever the need arises.


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