The leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress has not been tried or tested democratically. Little is known about Mamma Kandeh. He is only known as the former ruling member of parliament for the ruling APRC of Yahya Jammeh who represented Jimara Constituency in Upper River Region. Gambians are eager to know everything relevant about Mamma Kandeh before they endorse or vote for him. Both his campaign and surrogates are not helping either. Instead of selling their candidate’s policies, parliamentary and educational lives, Mr. Kandeh’s surrogates have resorted to attacking anyone who raises the slightest doubt or criticism about the man who wants Gambians to elect him president. One Gambian activist has uploaded a video on social media, challenging Kandeh’s diaspora surrogates to tell Gambians about what they find so unique about their untested candidate to the point of raising funds for his campaign. Momodou Krubally asks whether it is genuine for these surrogates to quickly endorse a candidate who, until his dismissal, wines and dines with the devil. Listen to Krubally’s video and extract the chaff from the wind.



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